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Chemical Elements - producer of high purity chemicals.

An alternative source for pure mineral salts, located in Europe.

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Today’s global economy requires that we take a new look at how we ensure quality and a safe product supply. The answer is an efficient and effective, integrated Quality and Food Safety System. We operate a formal QMS based on ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and GMP Guidelines. read more...

Chemical Elements – Open for U

Chemical Elements – Open for U

Despite the fact that  our subsidary – Chemical Elements Ukraine (known as Fine Chemicals Plant “Donetsk – Reaktiv”)  has been producing fine chemicals for over one hundred years, it was only six years ago that we began selling to Europe. Much has happened in this six years and now it is time to open Ukraine to Western Europe and beyond for our free-flowing Potassium Chloride, our Magnesium Sulfate Heptahydrate, our free-flowing Urea and our Zinc Sulfate – to name but a few.  All products are manufactured in our new facilities in West Ukraine, close to Kiev in Cherkassy. Cherkassy is on the beautiful river Dnieper and has always been an important hub for the chemical industry in Ukraine. As a European company, we combine our heritage and economic advantage in a low-cost, but developed country with German efficiency and discipline to give you excellent raw materials for the food and pharma industries at the best prices. read more...

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