Agricultural Applications

ChemElements. Producer of high purity mineral salts, located in Europe


We produce high-grade mineral salts that will increase your sunflower crop.


Boron and Potassium for optimum soybean production.


Systematic fertilization increases your potato crop yield


Mineral salts for significantly increasing the grains crops


Potassium, zinc, boron and other trace elements for its growth.


We offer high-grade products for fertilization of temperate fruit trees.


You can save your sugar beet yield using our high pure mineral salt.

Greenhouse Vegetables

Our company offers you a wide range of elements for vegetables

Open Ground Vegatebles

High-purity fertilizers for high open ground vegetables crops


We offer a wide variety of products for you to choose the necessary one


And our company produces high pure quality potassium compounds for grapes.

Products for Agricultural Applications

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  • Liquid Fertilizer “Chemical Elements B”, ТУ 2 20.1-13476327-002:2016
    9078015007020 | Download TDS | Product video
  • Liquid Fertilizer “Chemical Elements B”, ТУ 2 20.1-13476327-002:2016
    9078015008000 | Download TDS | Product video

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